It’s Bananas

David Snyder is wareful of dining at a restaurant with the word “banana” in its name. But he finds that South Street’s Blue Bananas Cafe delivers satisfying Jamaican dishes.

Though it’s his first restaurant, [Chef/Owner Rod] Millwood knows how to deliver satisfying island grub. Finely diced onions and peppers gave complimentary mango salsa, served with fried plantains, a distinctive bite. The jerk chicken, which boasted a winning interplay of moist meat and crispy skin, radiated with layers of dark, exotic spices. Hours of marinating and slow cooking helped brown stew chicken reach a pleasant depth. A side of cabbage slaw carried just enough sweetness to balance its mild acidity. The hint of heat and vinegary bite of greens made them the perfect match for sweet yams.

Mass A-Peel [City Paper]