Sriracha Favorites

We love ourselves some Sriracha sauce and we were excited to see The New York Times compiling a list of Sriracha enriched dishes from coast to coast.

Just imagine our disappointment though when we realized the listed Pennsylvania entry of Philly Cheesesteak dumplings with Sriracha ketchup is from Fireside, a restaurant at 52nd and Madison in New York City!

Now luckily, this won’t be published until next Wednesday, so there’s time to fix this outrage. What’s your favorite Sriracha enhanced food in Philadelphia? MenuPages gets us off to a good start with mentions of the tofu hoagie from Fu-Wah, Chifa’s Sriracha butter and even the Beauty Shop Cafe’s Sriracha latte but we want you to weigh in. Drop your fave in the comments.

The United States of Sriracha [Diner’s Journal, New York Times]