S&H For Kebab Lunch

Craig LaBan is all about the iskender kebab special at S&H Kebab House, just off of South Street.

This Turkish grill from owners Sal Kucuk (he’s the “S”) and chef Hussein Yuksel (he’s the “H”) is all about spot-on, homemade Ottoman classics, and this iskender kebab is one of my favorites. Made from well-onioned ground lamb and roasted on a gyro spit layered with veal, the meat comes sliced over a platter of butter-crisped pita chips beneath lively tomato sauce and a rich dollop of strained homemade yogurt. It’s a true taste of Istanbul street food and is a particularly hearty deal at lunch for $7.95 with a side of Turkish red lentil soup.

Good Taste [Philadelphia Inquirer]