The Meat Beat! Menu Misprints & Pricy Preservation

Have you all heard enough about steakhouses yet? Can you even stand one more piece of info about them?  Of course you can! You love them. Or love to hate them. Or both, we can’t really tell.

The eagle-eyed KleInsider noticed that some of the menu prices at Union Trust have been slashed significantly since the original menu was released. Like that Wagyu strip just lost $50 off of its original $150 price, among others. You can check out his whole comparison list here. The current Union Trust menu is available on their website. Union Trust told Klein it was a ‘printing error’ and that the current (cheaper) prices were what diners were actually charged all along.

Also over at the Inky, architecture critic Inga Saffron delves into the many bank-to-steakhouse transformations with a focus on Union Trust and Del Frisco’s. There are some interesting highlights, especially the staggering quantities of  cash they each spent on renovating these grandiose spaces.

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