Slate Has Opened

Slate has finally opened after 9 months of rehabbing the former Cafe Habana. Owner Laurentiu Muras has has completed his remaking of the space and opened Thursday night.

Chef Eric Parskevas who used to work at Lolita is in the kitchen. His opening menu is after the jump.


BBQ Pork Shrimp Rolls 6
pulled pork, southern sauce, sprout slaw

Roasted Brie & Apples 8
infused cranberries, rosemary crackers

Seared Queso Fresco Panzella 9
fried basil, roasted reds, truffle emulsion

Steamed Mussels 11
white wine, sage, ginger pistou croutons


Local Beef Burger 10
philly pale ale noions, bourisn, cilantro fries

Braise Pork n’ cheddar 11
rosemary, pear slaw, mustard fries

Grilled Tuna Nicoise  13
tapenade, tomato confit, fingerling salad

Cajun Popcorn Po’ Boy 12
red cabbage slaw, morita tartar, malt vinegar fries


7 Spice Tempa Chili 16
cheddar cheese cornbread, black pepper creme fraiche

Seared Snapper 19
crab bisque, cauliflaower, asparagus slaw

Fettuccini & Alfred0 20
mushrooms, peas, skirt steak, egg yolk

Braised Lamb Shank 21
parsnip puree, beer jus, chayote & red onion escabeche

Draught Beer

Brooklyn Brown Ale

Victory Prima Pils

Magic Hat #9

Stella Artois

Yuengling Lager

Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel

Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale