Tables for Two: Picky Eaters

We know, we know. You’re all such foodies that you would never dream of dating someone who wouldn’t plunge headfirst into a plate of organ meat with great gusto. Or would you? There are exceptions to every rule and sometimes those exceptions are totally hot and you want to marry or maybe even just have sex with those totally hot exceptions. Which begs the question, where do you take the dreaded Picky Eater on a date? The answer, after the jump.


Since you can’t wow the Picky Eater with your intimate knowledge of obscure, delicious cuisine, then you shall impress them with decor instead! At the same time you’ll want to make sure that the menu has plenty of ‘safe’ options disguised as fine fare. Yet you still want it to be tasty enough that you, the foodie, will also be able to enjoy yourself. Where might you find such a magical place?

We’ve got two words for you: Stephen Starr.  

Starr has built an entire empire of restaurants that offer decent, occasionally excellent, cuisine in stunning environments. He strikes the perfect balance between giving customers a heavy dose of atmospheric drama and a culinary experience that seems, on the surface, very daring, but is in actuality, as safe and comforting as mother’s milk.

Here are the Starrs on our list for Picky Eaters…

Barclay Prime: What’s more appealing to a Picky Eater than meat and potatoes? You’ll pay dearly for it here, but it’s damn good. And the room is killer. 

Parc: Please see review in haiku. Gorgeous, romantic and has a relatively banal menu of basic French fare. The bread and desserts are the best part and that’s what picky eaters usually eat anyway.  

Continental: A wonderland of atmosphere with accessible Asian fusion-ish fare. You’re really here for the drinks and the… drinks. This is fun for the young and the young-at-heart.