The Windsor Burger proves we’re not the only ones going overboard about the Pub & Kitchen. Today they declare the P&K’s Windsor Burger, the one with the homemade bacon and English Cheddar to be the best in the city.

Chef Johnny Mac starts with slaughtered-ordered-cryovacced-and-shipped-same-day Painted Hills Natural Beef, and makes magic. He says he’s been perfecting this burger since leaving SnackBar, and uses percentages when creating his patties. The consistency of the meat is the best we’ve ever experienced: fluffy yet dense without crumbling under the pressure of being exquisite. The portion is perfection. Tall enough, strong enough, sans oafishness. The lightly butterkissed onion roll is a great vehicle, the homemade maple bacon and Brit Cheddar are worthy sidekicks to the King. Top it off with the Best Tomato Slice We’ve Had This Summer and crispy greens, or go au natrual and bench ‘em.

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