King Of Tandoor

King Of Tandoor
The Daily News does a review, checking out King of Tandoor, the new Indian restaurant at 18th and Callowhill.

A tandoor is the signature clay oven of Indian cuisine, so if your name is King of Tandoor, the breads and barbecued meats had better live up to their namesake. They did.

The Grilled Meat Appetizer ($10.95) was a mix of luscious chunks of lamb, chicken, beef and sausage. The tandoor cooks at very high heat, so the risk is the meat will dry out. These retained their juices. Just don’t ask if you can substitute meats, though. Our waiter was a bit put out by that request.

The Chana Chat ($4.95) was a tangy salad blend of chick peas potatoes and onions tossed in a tamarind sauce, sprinkled with Indian herbal salt. This was so delicious we ate the chick peas as though they were peanuts. Good thing we only ordered the appetizer portion.

One of the delights of the menu was the Fresh Shrimp appetizer ($7.95). This Bengal dish offers shrimp in a spicy sauce served with a light fluffy bread that was similar to a crepe, but with many layers. There’s the slightest hint of heat in the sauce that has that addictive quality to keep you coming back for more.

Two and a half forks

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