New Words Old Hat To Foodies

Merriam-Webster has released a new edition to their Collegiate Dictionary with dozens of new words, including several that have a decidedly food angle to them.

Many of the new entries reflect the nation’s growing interest in the culinary arts, including prosecco (a sparkling Italian wine) and soju (a Korean vodka distilled from rice). Others define new technology or products, such as infinity pool — an outdoor pool with an edge designed to make water appear to flow into the horizon.

Here are some of the other gastro-words among the 100 with the first year they were found in an English-language publication.

  • Edamame (1951): immature green soybeans, usually in the pod.
  • Pescatarian (1993): vegetarian whose diet includes fish.
  • Phytonutrient (1994): bioactive, plant-derived compound (as resveratrol) associated with positive health effects.
  • Prosecco (1881): a dry Italian sparkling wine.
  • Soju (1978): a Korean vodka distilled from rice.

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