Trio of Trias?

Norge Appliances
Ah, the hyperventilations of Phillyblog.

A thread claiming evidence of a third branch of Tria opening at the old Norge Appliances building at 6th and Bainbridge caught our attention, as did a tipster’s report of construction in this very same spot.

We checked in with Tria owner/evil genius Jon Myerow for the straight story…

and he tells us that particular location is just a rumor at this point. He does confirm that he is looking around town for a home for a third Tria and is very, very fond of that neighborhood. He might even be very, very fond of that building, but as of now, has nothing solid to report.

Until there is some real news, why not argue over whether that corner is in Queen Village or Bella Vista? Because Philadelphians love nothing more than to angrily parse the amorphous borders of their teeny, tiny neighborhoods.

Tria [Official Site]