A Slice of Sad News


The rapidly rising costs of flour, gasoline and just about everything else are really starting to hit where it hurts: the pizza department.From the Inquirer:

The price of wheat has surged in the last month because of constraints on global supply and swelling demand from places such as China. The price of cheese has been rising during the last year, in part because of lower-than-normal production and higher demand.

Mavroudis said the price of flour had risen from $8.50 for a 25-pound bag to $24.95 in three weeks. In three months, Spina has gone from paying $18 for a 50-pound bag to $36. He uses 25 to 30 bags a week.

We’re already used to paying through the nose for Osteria’s pizza, which is the best in town, but this is grim news indeed.

As costs rise, pizzerias are hiking prices [philly.com]