His Nutteriest Move Yet!


We wrote it before and we’re writing it again, Michael Nutter may not just be our favorite mayor ever, he might be our favorite person in all of Philadelphia. Even though he doesn’t even eat meat, this man is a raging foodie. Case in point: he took all seventeen City Council members out to dinner at Morton’s to give them a sneak preview of the budget:

During the Street administration, City council members got an advance briefing on the budget usually an hour before Street made it public. For Michael Nutter’s first budget, he took them out to dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse on Walnut Street. Nutter was clear that he wants Council with him, not apart:

“I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: the eighteen of us — seventeen council members and me as the mayor — we have to work together on behalf of the citizens of this city and the region.”

What better way to bring them together than over a nice steak dinner? Quadruple swoon.

Nutter Briefs Council About His New Budget Over Dinner [KYW1060.com]