Grape Street Pub Closed

Manayunk’s live music venue, the Grape Street Pub closed for good over the weekend.

Grape Street Pub on Main Street in Manayunk closed over the weekend, much to employees’ surprise. A new owner is poised to take over.

Back in September we hinted the spot was up for sale for $5 million.

Grape Street MySpace Bulletin after the jump.

The Grape Street was closed permanently this past Saturday February 2nd 2008. The owner and the management made the decision last week. The reasons for the closing were not based on lack of business or profitability but rather a larger tenant coming in and occupying the space the Grape Street currently resides. The building owners met several times with the Grape Street’s owner to discuss this issue. We decided that it would not be in the Grape Street’s best interest to try to match the newer tenant’s rent increase and the owner of the club respectfully declined the offer to match. This was a legal and legitimate business transaction.

I would like to thank all the patrons, staff, bands, purveyors, booking companies, record labels, beer and liquor representatives, radio stations, and everyone else not represented in the aforementioned groupings for their support of the Grape Street over the past twenty years. This club was home to many people including myself for almost a decade. The club’s closing was abrupt but not without thought.

My work email address will be functioning for the next several days and I will be closing up my office this week. I will try to answer everyone’s questions over the next couple of days but I too must look for work now. I want to apologize in advance to all the bands that will have their shows cancelled.

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