Try Foie Gras For $5

Some Philadelphia chefs have gotten together to form a group, Philadelphia Chefs for Choice. They have organized to respond to animal rights groups who are against foie gras, line caught fish, veal, lobster and eggs.

Next week they are offering “Freedom Foie for Five.” From October 1st participating restaurants are offering a sample of foie gras for just $5.

Manifesto and participating restaurants after the jump.

We, the chefs and restaurateurs of Philadelphia, listed below, believe in the freedom of choice, for ourselves and our clients.

As chefs, we believe in the humane and natural husbandry of animals, and are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients. As business people, we want to be able to decide what to put on our menus.

We do not believe that a minority of animal rights zealots should determine the direction of our business. Nor do we want to be intimidated by them at our restaurants or homes. We want the City Council to know that these few do not represent the whole of Philadelphia.

In the city of Philadelphia, the birthplace of American liberty, we want to keep the right to serve foie gras.

Bistro 7 -7 N. 3rd St.        
Brasserie Perrier – 1619 Walnut St.   
Caffe Casta Diva – 227 S. 20th St.        
Caribou Cafe – 1128 Walnut St.    
Django – 526 S. 4th St.        
Lacroix – 210 Rittenhouse Sq.
Le Bec-Fin – 1523 Walnut St.    
Little Fish – 6th & Catherine St.    
London Grill – 24th and Fairmont Ave
Matyson – 39 S. 19th St.       
Osteria – 640 N. Broad St.    
Rylei Restaurant – 7144 Frankford Ave
Salt and Pepper – 746 S. 6th St.        
Standard Tap – 2nd & Poplar St.    
Studio Kitchen – 424 N. 34th St.       
Susanna Foo – 1512 Walnut St.   
Twenty21 – 2005 Market St.   
Vetri – 1312 Spruce St.    
Vintage – 129 S. 13th St.       
Zinc – 246 S. 11th St.