Susanna Foo Back On Track

Susanna Foo
According to Brian Freedman of Susanna Foo has her gotten her mojo back.

As for that food, though, it was every bit as extraordinary this visit as it was mundane during my previous one. The humble pork pot-sticker, for example, achieved all the textural complexity that’s so crucial to its success. Brown and crisp in the center, soft, verging on succulent at the edges, these half-moons were so moist on the inside that one of them actually squirted when I took my first bite of it.

The hundred-point crab cake was not only visually stunning but intricately conceived and assembled. A coriander- and ginger-seasoned shrimp mousse, surrounding a crab meat center, was rolled in tiny bread-cubes and deep fried to a crisp, surprisingly light demi-ball that looked more like some sort of sea anemone than a crab cake. It was exactly the kind of creative riff on a familiar dish that Susanna Foo built her reputation on. And rightly so.

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