Aching With Spice At Ortlieb’s

Texas-born Brian McManus checks out the new Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus and finds there’s lots to love, even for a Texas boy who frequently made road trips to New Orleans.

The ribs at Ortlieb’s are as good as any I’ve had, and I’m usually an asshole about this sort of thing. (Forgive me. I’m from Texas. Slow-smoked meats and Willie Nelson are the only things I have to boast about.) Tender and swathed in a spicy citrus chipotle, Ortlieb’s ribs are the stuff of dreams. I go through them like a buzz saw. I nibble on the accompanying jalapeno cornbread. It’s good, but the polenta has me satiated on the corn-and-pepper front. The corn on the cob, described on the menu as “Texas style,” is split in half long-ways, a bit of a pain to eat but delicious nonetheless.

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