Foie Gras Blow Up Le Bec-Fin

Stu Bykofsky describes an ugly incident outside Le Bec-Fin between a drunk customer and four people protesting Le Bec-Fin for serving foie gras.

Problems began when a Le Bec-Fin patron – a fiftyish, big-bellied, white male, well-dressed and drunk, according to all accounts – left Le Bec-Fin and got in [protester Dezeray] Rubinchik’s face. “At 6-5, the man was quite intimidating as he stood so close to me, yelling in my face,” says Rubinchik, 29.

And speaking of foie gras, is it as cruel as people say it is? The Truth About Foie Gras [Claasic Wines] via PhilaFoodie.

Cops failed us, say Le Bec-Fin Foie Gras 4 [Philadelphia Daily News]