What’s Next

Philadelphia Weekly gives its predictions for the coming year and of course there are several food and drink related predictions worth highlighting.

  • Black N Brew – Next Comfy-Cozy Cup of Coffee
  • Mexican – Next Cuisine to Dominate the Philly Scene
  • Organic – Next Word to Shun
  • Luxury Water – Next Drink Trend
  • Osteria – Next Hit Restaurant
  • Ingredient – Based Cooking, Big Plates and Artisinal Cocktails
  • Red Bull In Coffee – Next Way to Start Your Day
  • Liquor Licenses – Next Dinner Drinking Trend
  • In-the-Biz Tuesdays at Copa Miami – Next Place to Get Drunk With Your Hot Waitress
  • Roof Deck at Lucky Strike – Next Hot Summer Hangout

Coming Attractions [Philadelphia Weekly]