Small Bites

Swanky Bubbles is going to save lots of people bridge fare. The former Olive Restaurant in Cherry Hill is being transformed into a Swanky Bubbles, similar to the Old City original. [Savor This, Courier Post]

Also in Jersey, save the date. South Jersey Restaurant Week takes place from March 11th to 16th. [SJ Hot chefs]

Another restaurant is coming to Passyunk East. This one at 1600 S 1tth St. Chiarella’s Ristorante will be the name, and if the name sounds familiar, it’s the same family and name as a Wildwood bistro and a now-closed South Philly pizzeria. [Blogalicious]

A second location of College Pizza has been shelved for UPenn. College Pizza is concentrating on their recently opened spot at Strikes bowling alley. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

If you thought you saw more Sly Fox in 2006 than you ever had before, your eyes weren’t deceiving you, production was up, 94.3% to be exact. The Phoenixville/Royersford brewery also released twelve new packaged products. There will not be as many new products in 2007 but one you can expect to see is Sly Fox’s Royal Weisse which will be available in cans this Spring. [Sly Fox Beer]

And speaking of craft beer in cans. If you haven’t tried Sly Fox in the can, well we can’t blame you. We prefer drinking at bars. Ha! We crack ourselves up. Well tonight Sly Fox and all other cans are half-priced at Good Dog.