Bars For Peace, Thursday

Tavern owners are uniting to raise money for the family of Philadelphia Police Officer Gary Skerski, who was killed in May when he tried to break up a robbery in a Lower Northeast bar.

“We thought, as bar owners, there has been a lot of violence in the city,” said George Flocco, owner of the Pour House Tavern in East Falls. “The Philadelphia Police Department is out there risking their lives on a daily basis, and we wanted to do something for them.”

Flocco intends to form partnerships with a large number of area bar/restaurants and taverns, and, come Thursday night, each will charge a $5 cover fee.

Each bar will then donate those proceeds to a Skerski family fund.

“The police [take risks] for us, on a regular basis,” said Flocco, whose tavern opened last year. “And when you see an officer die in the line of duty protecting another bar, we wanted to do something.”

Skerski fund to get boost from taverns [Daily News]

Participating bars after the jump.

Blarney Stone, Bourbon Blue, Brownie’s 23 East, Castle Roxx, Cavanaugh’s River Deck, C.J. & Eck’s, DeLeo’s Cafe and Doc’s Union Pub, Finnigan’s Wake, Graham’s Pub, Henry James Saloon, Lucky Dog, Pitcher’s Pub, Spanky’s, the Bayou, the Ugly Moose, T. Hogan Pub, 105 Social and Roosevelt’s Pub. Also participating will be the Boathouse and Franzones, both in Conshohocken.