Twitter Mailbag: Does Vick Really Have Eyes For Kelly?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickEvery Thursday we select a few of your Twitter questions and provide the long-form answers they deserve. For a chance to have your question published on Birds 24/7, send it to @Tim_McManus.

@Mark_Robo: would you agree with keeping Vick if Chip Kelly becomes head coach? He would be perfect for his offense.

Makes sense to me, yes. In case you missed it, this is what Ron Jaworski said about the whole Kelly/Vick/Nick Foles dynamic:

“Nick Foles will not run a Chip Kelly offense if he decided to come here, rest assured of that,” Jaws said on 97.5 The Fanatic. “If a coach like Chip Kelly…that runs this up-tempo, spread, speed-style option, these guys come here, there might be a future for Michael Vick. I know he’s [32], I know he’s been beat up, but I’ll tell you, some of the things I’m seeing, Michael Vick can do the same things these guys are doing in the spread option.”

So there you go. As Sheil and I discussed on the radio Wednesday, Kelly is only appealing from our viewpoint if he is flexible in his genius.  In other words, if he is willing and able to adapt based on personnel, rather than stubbornly force-feeding people into his system. That’s a big key here.

One last point on Vick and Kelly: There was a report that said Vick  has envisioned playing in Kelly’s spread offense and would be keeping an eye on where the Oregon coach lands. I asked Vick about Kelly a few days after that report surfaced and he said, “Who’s that, the Notre Dame coach?” He went on to say that he was familiar with Oregon’s quarterback but didn’t know a whole lot about Kelly. So don’t buy into the idea that playing for Kelly is some burning desire that Vick has.

From @JCentifonti: What are your thoughts on a Mike McCoy hire & if Romeo Crennel is let go in KC bring him in as DC & leave him alone. #Eagles

Last week I rolled out my top three choices for head coach, and McCoy was number one (based off resume and research; it’s not as if I’ve spent tons of time with the man.) I would have no problem with Crennel.

Sheil has  more on McCoy here. One thing that we like about him (besides his obvious ability to maximize his quarterbacks’ abilities) is his willingness to adapt to the men on his roster. It goes back to the Kelly point: Players come and go, they get hurt, circumstances arise. As a coach, you have to be able to adapt to the situation, especially in a transition period like the Eagles are about to go through.

McCoy seems to have that part down. With Kelly, it’s a question mark.

From @JoshMcNutt24: Do you believe the Eagles have the personnel in place to effectively transition to a 3-4? If the incoming HC implemented it.

Good question. Fletcher Cox could easily swing out to defensive end in a 3-4, and on Wednesday DeMeco Ryans explained why the notion that he can’t play in that scheme is off-base (though I still say the 4-3 is a more ideal fit for him). They would need to import a space-eating nose tackle and would have to make some personnel tweaks to make it work.

Count Brandon Graham among those willing to make the plunge.

“That would be the best thing right there for me,” said Graham. “I always wanted to go back because it’s all instincts at linebacker. On the D-line it’s cool, I love it, but being out in space…I don’t know, I just feel like I would do a good job there, too…I would be hyped to be able to go and do that.”

It’s  a pretty significant change, but now would be the time to do it.

From @Cheesesteak29: any chance of p rivers, t Romo, or m Flynn being in an eagles uniform next year?

Can’t see the first two but Flynn seems possible to me. Russell Wilson has nailed down the starting job in Seattle, making Flynn’s upcoming salary of $5.25 million a bit heavy. If the Eagles decide to part ways with Vick and trade for Flynn, meanwhile, you’re talking about a $10 million savings in all. It makes sense to me that they would bring a veteran in to compete with Foles, and may the  best man win. Alex Smith is reportedly due $7.5 million plus a $1 million roster bonus in 2013, by comparison.

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