Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Buzz Is Back

When the locker room opened up to reporters Thursday afternoon, the place was humming. Nnamdi Asomugha and Kurt Coleman were engaged in a passionate conversation. Mardy Gilyard was chasing an unidentified victim around with a towel. Music blasted from Trent Cole‘s stall. (At one point an Oldies song came on and everyone began looking at Cole sideways. “It’s not me!” he said. “It’s Pandora!”)

There were signs of life for the first time in weeks.

Marty Mornhinweg foreshadowed these developments earlier in the day.

“There’s quite a bit of excitement, I think, in this situation, because of a couple things,” said Mornhinweg. “Number one, the situation we’re in. Can we get it done and make a run here? Secondly, with a rookie quarterback there is certainly some excitement there.”

There was a noticeable bump in energy when Foles entered the game against the Cowboys. It was short-lived, of course, as Dallas dried up all enthusiasm with a punt return and an interception for a touchdown. But the feeling is back this week.

“Everyone, especially on the offensive side, has to take their game up another notch just because Nick hasn’t seen all the different looks he’s about to see this week,” said Coleman. “Everyone has to raise their level of play just so they can help him out. It’s not that we weren’t playing hard, because Mike [Vick] does so much for this team and he’s able to play through so many different circumstances. But I think everybody’s level of play has to rise another notch because they know it’s going to be Nick’s first start. He’s not going to be perfect so we have to be able to take our game up another notch to try and help him out.”

Andy Reid told the players this week just to go back to having fun. Judging by this week’s atmosphere, they are heeding the advice of their coach.

“We’ve still got a chance, man, you have to be fired up,” said Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. “You get another chance to go out there and right all the wrongs.”

Added Coleman: “It’s been getting lost, because you go through a loss, a loss, a loss,  and you lose kind of your identity or what this game’s about. It becomes not fun playing when you’re losing. We’re not worried about trying to win, we’re not worrying about maybe if we lose,  we’re just worried about, let’s play our best ball and have fun.”


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Winston Justice chimed in on the state of the Eagles during a recent interview with an Indianapolis radio station. Via the 700 Level:

“I’m not really watching the games that much but you can’t help but hear them going through stuff and I mean every year there is always some type of drama with Philly. Something was going to happen. 

RGIII enters the matchup against the Eagles with a new title: Team captain. From the Washington Post.

Shanahan said he could not recall one of his teams ever electing a rookie as a captain previously.

“It’s very hard to vote a rookie to be your captain,” Shanahan said. “But midway through the season, you say, ‘Hey, he’s our leader.’ ”


One last practice for the Eagles before the Redskins game. We’ll have you covered.

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