Reid Committed To Vick? ‘Today I Am’

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickAs Andy Reid was exiting the auditorium following his day-after press conference, a reporter asked if he is committed to starting Michael Vick against the Falcons.

“Today, I am,” the head coach responded.

After a stomach-turning loss to the Lions, Reid said he will “tear things apart” and evaluate everything.

Will Vick be a part of that evaluation process?

“I am going to take a hard look at everything,”  he said.

That leaves the door at least slightly open for a quarterback change heading into what is sure to be a long bye week for the Eagles’ coaches and players.

Vick was under siege for the majority of the game Sunday. The offensive line leaking badly, the Lions were credited with 11 quarterback hits and three sacks. That doesn’t begin to tell the story.

The blame can not be put solely at his feet, but the bottom line is that Vick continues to turn the ball over at an alarming rate. He threw two more interceptions against Detroit, bringing that number to eight on the year. He has also lost five fumbles through six games for a personal turnover count of 13.

“Turnovers continue to kill us,” said Reid. “We lead the league with 17 turnovers. It’s ridiculous.”

Reid was asked if he was confident the turnover issue with Vick can be turned around.

“Again, I’m going to look at all that stuff,” said Reid. “I know we can get better at it. I know that. And we are going to get better at it.”

Benching Vick in favor of rookie Nick Foles would be extremely bold for a coach fighting to keep his job, and would be viewed by many as a desperation move. By the sounds of it, Reid will take the coming days to determine if the situation has come to that.