Ray Lewis Talks Michael Vick, DeMeco Ryans

Ray Lewis watched the Eagles-Browns game live, wanting to get an early look at two teams coming up on the Ravens schedule. He saw Michael Vick throwing off-balanced and across his body and struggling for much of the day. That is not the quarterback he anticipates seeing Sunday in Philadelphia.

“I think you come in and you play the same guy, but you know there is that spectacular guy with the football that can throw the ball 80 yards, that can run the ball out of the pocket, that can make you miss and can make incredible plays out of the pocket,” said Lewis. “That’s what we have to prepare for.”

The 17-year veteran linebacker was asked about bouncing back from a down performance as Vick is trying to do.

“He’s gonna get past that real quick. That’s what professionals do, especially a guy like that who has the ability to bounce back and make those plays,” said Lewis. “The same mistakes he made last week, we’re not looking for him to make those same mistakes this week. We understand who we’re playing, we understand what Michael Vick is going to give us when we come to Philly.”

Lewis also had some thoughts on fellow middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans. The two have developed a relationship over the years.

“I have known DeMeco for some years. We have shared some good times at the Pro Bowl and different things. I love his motor,” said Lewis. “First of all I love him as a man for how humble he is. And he’s just one of those guys that loves the game of football. And like I always told him, ‘I’m always here for you no matter what you need. If it’s just a conversation, if there’s anything you want to talk about, I’m always here for you.’ He is one of those guys that just really loves the game.”

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