We Have Reached Peak Local News With This Missing Stuffed Bunny Story

There is a stuffed rabbit in Mt. Airy that’s searching for its owner. We analyze the CBS 3 report.

I like the local news. I enjoy being updated on what’s happening in the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas, and I also enjoy finding out what the weather is like several times throughout each broadcast. I even compile an annual list of best local news screenshots.

Occasionally, we’ll get a story that seems like it is peak local news. And yesterday, I believe we actually hit it. Yes, we had a bigger local news story than Fox 29’s 2015 report on a Temple student searching for her missing blanket.

Last night on the 6 o’clock news, CBS 3 reported on a stuffed bunny found by a Mt. Airy woman. (Yes, we may have hit peak Mt. Airy with this as well.) Kira Baker-Doyle says she found the toy outside the High Point Cafe at the end of February. She posted on Facebook about it, hoping she’d find the owner.

And then CBS 3 did a story on it last night! Baker-Doyle told the station she’s gotten an outpouring of support to help find the owner. “People feel like they want a way to see hope and see happiness and see help,” she told the station. “And even in this little symbol of a bunny … people want to help. They’re having trouble finding other ways to help in the bigger scene, but if they can do this one small thing — it’s one small thing to make the world a better place.”

Per the comments on the Facebook post, there is a lead on a possible owner, but “they can’t confirm until next week.” But don’t fret. As CBS 3 reports: “If the owner doesn’t come forward in the next few days, Kira plans to donate the bunny to a group that helps resettle immigrants in Philadelphia.”

Lest you think I am mocking this whole situation, let me assure you: I am not! I still own my childhood stuffed toy, Doggy — a cute little dog that sort of resembles, and could actually be, a rabbit. (Doggy is occasionally commandeered by my real-life cat, who is like a stuffed toy that runs on magic.) I bit one of the eyes and its nose off it when I was a little kid, which makes it resemble a rabbit more. If I lost Doggy I’d be devastated, and I’m in my early (or possibly my mid) 30s! No matter how old the owner of this stuffed rabbit is, surely it deserves to be returned.

Let’s find this stuffed rabbit’s owner, please. For the kid in all of us. And to celebrate this great local news segment. Certainly, it is much better than NBC 10’s recent “opossum dresses in Irish garb” story. I mean, bunnies are way cuter than opossums.