Let’s Talk About This Photo of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream at the Flyers Game

The veep was at the Wells Fargo Center last night — and since he’s headed to Penn soon, perhaps he’ll become a mainstay.


On Wednesday night, the Flyers defeated the Capitols in a shootout. Their 10-game win streak ended last Saturday, but they’re currently in playoff position as they prepare for their annual post-Christmas “Disney on Ice” road trip.

And, at their last home game for two weeks, the Flyers had a special guest at the Wells Fargo Center: Joe Biden! On the day news broke that Biden would be setting up shop at Penn for his post-government work, including his “cancer moonshot” initiative!

But whatever. The most important thing is the above photo tweeted from the Flyers’ official account after the win. It shows Biden, with his wife, Jill, enjoying an ice cream cone. We have some thoughts.

  1. They sell ice cream in waffle cones at the Wells Fargo Center?! The Sixers have been unwatchable and the Flyers play hockey, so I haven’t been to the WFC for much more than professional wrestling the last few years. Next time I go see men in tights pretend to fight each other, I have to get one.
  2. Look at how Biden is looking at the camera. That piercing stare, that half smile … yes, that’s right: It’s what Joe Biden looks like when you eat really good ice cream. Biden is famously an ice-cream aficionado — a self-proclaimed “ice cream guy,” per CNN — and combining it with a sporting event clearly makes him go wild.
  3. Is … is this going to be a regular thing once he starts at Penn? It’d be cool to have a celebrity (even a political celebrity) at lots of Flyers games, but it’s going to be weird. Maybe Biden is actually auditioning to be the new Dancing Shawny?
  4. Biden has good seats, but he’s surrounded by Secret Service agents. If he becomes a Flyers regular, isn’t it going to be annoying for the fans around them? I thought that too, before I looked up and learned that former VPs get just six months of Secret Service protection once they leave office. He’ll be taking off his shirt, swinging it around and woo-ing with the rest of the fans by the 2017–18 season!

The Flyers play the Devils tonight in New Jersey. Presumably, Biden won’t be in attendance — but the Prudential Center does reportedly have good ice cream.