The Eagles’ Loss Yesterday Means Clinton Wins the Election Tomorrow

If Hillary Clinton wins the election tomorrow, she’ll have the Eagles’ stone-hands wide receiver corps to thank — according to one theory, at least.

Jordan Matthews; Hillary Clinton

Jordan Matthews photo by USA Today Sports; Hillary Clinton photo by Tim Pierce (license)

For years, it was called the “Redskins Rule.” If the Washington football team with the racist nickname won their last home game before the presidential election, the incumbent party would retain the presidency. If Washington’s football team lost, the party not in power would win the White House.

Unfortunately for political wonks who enjoy spurious relationships, the rule was broken in 2004. Wonks then came up with a “revised rule” that said the rule was flipped in the election subsequent to elections where the popular vote winner lost the presidency in the Electoral College. But Washington lost its last home game before the 2012 election, and so the rule is no longer in effect.

But! Syndicated columnist and professor Mark Grabowski has come up with a different rule for presidential elections since 2000. And it involves the Eagles! The rule is: If the Eagles win their last game before the election, the opposing party wins the presidential election. If the Eagles lose, the party retains the White House.

The Eagles lost yesterday to the Giants, 28-23. As such, Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election tomorrow!

“The Eagles Rule has a perfect record this century, having accurately predicted the past four presidential elections,” Grabowski writes. “Meanwhile, the legendary ‘Redskins Rule’ has had mixed results in recent elections.”

There you have it. When Hillary Clinton wins the presidency tomorrow, she’ll have the Eagles’ stone-hands wide receiving corps to thank.