Here’s How Screwed We Are If SEPTA Workers Strike

A horrifying guide to what happens if SEPTA workers walk off the job at midnight on Halloween.

Earlier this month, the 5,000 members of Transit Workers Union Local 234 voted to strike if union leadership has not reached an agreement with SEPTA management by Halloween. Spooky!

October 31st is near, and though talks are ongoing, there still isn’t a deal. So SEPTA has released a guide for riders if TWU does walk out — and we’re all in for some major hassles.

In the event of a strike, there will be no bus, subway/El or trolley service within the city limits. Regional Rail, suburban bus lines, Routes 101 and 102, the Norristown High Speed-Line, the LUCY shuttle service, the Horsham Breeze, CCT Connect and a few other lines will still be in operation.

All city busesAll suburban buses
Market-Frankford ElRegional Rail
Broad Street Subway/Ridge SpurTrolley Routes 101 and 102, Norristown High-Speed Line
Trolley Routes 10, 11, 13, 15, 34 and 36CCT Connect

Even if you ride Regional Rail into work, your rush-hour trip will be packed with extra riders who can’t get into Center City on the bus or subway. SEPTA says it will keep to all posted schedules, though express trains may make extra stops. All regular fares apply, though in the event of a service interruption your TransPass will be valid for all Regional Rail trips within the city (with the exceptions of Forest Hills and Somerton).

But you may have to get your passes at different places. SEPTA sales will take place only at the 15th Street sales office (underground in Penn Center), Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, 30th Street Station, and outlying Regional Rail stations with ticket sales offices. All other SEPTA sales stations will be closed, including its 1234 Market Street headquarters. Unused passes can be returned for a refund, but SEPTA has not released information on how to do that yet.

Ticket collection for the morning rush hour (5:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.) will take place on the platform on trains headed into Center City. During evening rush (2:45 p.m. to 7 p.m.), tickets for trains leaving Center City will be collected on the concourse level.

SEPTA has also provided a list of alternate Regional Rail service that can replace buses.