Lansdowne Man Jon Hurst Arrested for Child Pornography

We're pretty sure they don't allow eyebrow and lip piercings in jail.


Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan has announced the arrest of 44-year-old Lansdowne man Jon Hurst on child pornography charges, some involving kids said to be just four years of age.

In April, detectives in Delaware County say they were investigating the dissemination of child pornography movies on the peer-to-peer networks eDonkey2000 and Kademlia, eventually narrowing down their investigation to a computer and IP address within the county. Police say that they were able to partially download a movie from that computer that depicted two female minors engaging in sexual activity.

Investigators subpoenaed Comcast, the Internet service provider for that host computer, and this led them to a home on Highland Avenue in Lansdowne. On Wednesday, police visited the home to conduct a search, and when they arrived, they say they found Hurst sitting in his car in the driveway.

Hurst, it turned out, had been living in the detached garage on the property. According to a court document filed in the case, Hurst told police that he had been downloading child pornography for nearly a decade, explaining that he preferred teenage girls but that he had seen movies depicting toddlers as well.

Prosecutors say that Hurst consented to a search of the garage and that he told detectives that they would find child pornography on CDs, DVDs, external hard drives and his laptop. Forensic examiners went through Hurst’s electronics and said that there were at least 50 child pornography videos, some involving children that appeared to be four years old.

Hurst has been charged with 50 counts each of possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility, as well as one count of dissemination of child pornography — all felonies.

“Those who possess child pornography contribute to the appalling exploitation of innocent children,” said Whelan in a statement. “And those who engage in this criminal behavior here in Delaware County should be forewarned that law enforcement is actively working to locate and arrest them.”

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 12th. Meanwhile, Hurst is locked up at Delaware County Jail. A judge set bail at $50,000 — meaning Hurst only has to post $5,000 to get out. If he does make bail, he is not allowed to use the Internet or have any contact with minors.

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