WATCH: Southwest Philly 7-Eleven Target of Gunpoint Robbery

Philadelphia police say an armed robber got away with $300 and a pack of cigarettes after pointing a gun at employees at a 7-Eleven in Elmwood.

Man wanted for armed robbery in Elmwood

A still from surveillance footage of a robbery at the 7-Eleven in Elmwood earlier this month. (via Philadelphia Police Department)

Employees were confused. A man walked into the 7-Eleven at 2900 South 70th Street, across from Paschall Playground, and asked them about products they did not sell. He left.

A half hour later, Philadelphia police say the man returned with a gun and held up the 7-Eleven in Elmwood. He first walked around the store as if he were shopping, and waited for it to empty out a bit. He then pointed a gun at employees, striking one in the chest with the muzzle.

The incident took place on October 7th. Philadelphia police released surveillance footage this morning. Cops say the man got away with $300 and a pack of cigarettes.

GIF of alleged robbery in Elmwood

Cops are asking anyone with information to call Southwest Detectives at 215-686-3183/3184. Confidential tips can also be called in to 215.686.8477, texted to 773847 or submitted online.