Fox 29 Adds Meteorologist Kathy Orr

Orr left CBS 3 this summer during a new general manager's "bloody plan" to shake up the station. She's now back in Philly.

Fox 29 announced today it has hired Kathy Orr to do the weather on its 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts. Sue Serio gave clues to the hiring throughout Wednesday morning’s broadcast before the announcement.

Orr was let go by CBS 3 in late June as part of an overhaul of the station by higher-ups. Chris May and Beasley Reece were also given the ax this summer; Carol Erickson also left the station and took a job at Calkins Media.

Orr said earlier this summer she left CBS 3 of her own volition. General manager Brien Kennedy has overhauled the station’s team this year in what the Delaware County Times said was a “bloody plan to change things at CBS 3.”