Cops Search for Suspects in Center City Muggings

Robbers hit two people in Center City in incidents 20 minutes apart on May 10th.

A group of four assaulted, threatened and robbed a man walking in Washington Square West in the early morning earlier this month, police say. They’ve released surveillance images and video of the suspects, who are also wanted for a second assault and robbery in Society Hill just 20 minutes later.

In the first incident, a 31-year-old man was walking with a friend on the 900 block of Walnut Street (near the Wawa) when he was approached by three men and a woman. He was struck several times and threatened with a knife. He surrendered his Gucci watch, his laptop bag and his passport, but didn’t report any injuries.


Police released detailed descriptions of the suspects accused of battering the man and threatening him with a knife.

  • Suspect No. 1: Black male, 31-35 years-of-age, 5’7”-5’8″, heavy build, dark complected, long dreadlock, wearing a white t-shirt, and faded blue jeans.
  • Suspect No. 2: Black female, 26-30 years-of-age, 5’9”, 130lbs, thin build, cornrow style hair, wearing a red sweatshirt, gray track pants, and armed with a knife.

The suspects fled down Walnut Street toward eighth. In the second incident, just 20 minutes later, cops said a 41-year-old man was run into by four males. They battered him and took his phone and wallet. The victim was treated at Jefferson Hospital.

If you know anything, police ask you to contact them: via phone (215.686.8477), text (773847) or using this online form. All tips are confidential.