“Suspicious” Man Taking Photos Near Bus Stops Was Property Inspector

Earlier this week, Newtown Township Police warned of reports of a suspicious man taking photos of children at bus stops. Turns out he wasn't.

Earlier this week, the Newtown Township Police Department in Bucks County issued a suspicious person warning.

“Early this morning Newtown Township Police received two reports about a suspicious vehicle with the male driver taking pictures at bus stops,” the police reported on Tuesday.

The police began investigating. Fox 29 reported on it last night four minutes into the 5 p.m. news broadcast. (Yes, this means there were more people filming near bus stops.) The news reported a fourth-grader said he’d seen this man before, and he occasionally smokes a pipe.

There was good reason the fourth-grader had seen this man before: He’s a property inspector who is in Newtown twice a month.

***UPDATE to the suspicious person taking pictures at bus stops that was reported on May 19, 2015***On May Tuesday…

Posted by Newtown Township Police Department on Thursday, May 21, 2015

That must have been an awkward conversation between police and the property inspector.

Some commenters on the Facebook post are saying the man should have notified police ahead of time — um, he probably will now — but I enjoyed one Michael Raab’s Facebook comment the most: “I may pass through Newtown today. I’m using this as official notification. Hopefully all of my papers are in order.”