City Wants Your Feedback on New

Philadelphia's Chief Information Officer is working toward implementing a new version of The alpha is open to the public.

The City of Philadelphia needs your help, and you don’t even have to move to answer the call.

In fact, it’s best you don’t move. The city is working on a new website, and you can access it now at Though the current site still exists, the city is hoping the public tests out the new website and provides them feedback on their experiences.

“This is an experimental prototype that will run alongside the official website,” Adel Abeid, the city’s Chief Information Officer, tells KYW 1060. “And the reason for doing it that way is that we can continuously get feedback from our neighbors and residents on what else we can do to the site to make it more informative for them.”

Abeid tells KYW an in-house staff of four is doing the city’s new website. (Once, during a redesign of a massive website I worked for, we had to update two separate websites with essentially the same content on two different content management systems for months. Hope these employees are having fun!)

The new site certainly has a much cleaner, modern-looking design than the current site.

Much fancier! Abeid says he plans to spend the next six months concentrating on getting the new city website complete. The target date is next spring.

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