Someone Had $14,500 of Jewelry Stolen From A Car in Queen Village

Police say a man broke into a car in South Philadelphia and stole valuables from it — including $14,500 worth of jewelry.

Earlier this month, police say a man broke into a car in Queen Village and stole $14,500 worth of jewelry from the automobile.

Yes, $14,500 in jewelry. I can’t think of any section of the city — or any place on Earth — I’d feel comfortable leaving that much money in a car.

According to surveillance video released by police, the burglar broke into the car on two separate occasions, about five minutes apart. The second time, he removed a giant bag. The crime took place on the 800 block of S. Howard Street, between Queen and Christian.

Here’s the surveillance video:

Police did not release a description of the subject. But if you know anything about the crime — say, you spot someone attempting to fence $14,500 worth of jewelry — you’re urged to contact police. You can call 215.686.8477, text 773847 (PPDTIP) or use this online form.

In the meantime, try to keep your valuables in your home, or even a lockbox. You don’t want to leave $14,500 just laying around with this guy on the loose.