Cops Called After 20 Dudes Streak Through Princeton Econ Class

In what was likely a fraternity hazing ritual, about 20 people ran naked through a Princeton Economics 101 class yesterday.

About 20 people streaked through a Princeton economics class on Thursday morning.

A University spokesman told The Daily Princetonian the streakers were wearing nothing but ski masks, scarves and sneakers. They ran through Economics 101: Introduction to Macroeconomics, no doubt making the class much more interesting.

Police responded around 11:15 a.m. The Prince theorizes this is likely some fraternity pledge hazing; many frats at Princeton have their members streak as part of initiation rituals.

Streaking has a long institutional history at Princeton, with streaking happening every year. It was once renowned for its streaking practices. But the Board of Trustees banned the practice and cops told the varsity streaking team to go on hiatus in the 2000s.

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