It’s Started Snowing — Thundersnowing — in Philadelphia

The predicted snow has arrived, and has brought along with it thunder and lightning. Be careful out there today.

Try to stay calm people, but it’s snowing.

Yes, the Great Snow of Thanksgiving Eve 2014 is here. Though we’re only expecting around two inches of snow in the city, this is already an exciting snowstorm, because we’ve had some thundersnow.

Thundersnow is so rare because the conditions for lighting generally only exist in summer. But occasionally we luck out and get the awesomely named event.

If you’re driving today, be careful out there on the roads. If you’re taking public transit of some sort, or flying, try to be nice to your fellow passengers. Whenever you get angry at traveling on this messy day, just remember: Thundersnow! It makes it all worth it.

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