Tractor-Trailer Crash Causing Major Delays

A tractor trailer jackknifed on the on-ramp from the Vine Street Expressway to I-95 South this afternoon. It will be a messy commute.

A jack-knifed tractor trailer on I-95 is causing major delays for commuters this afternoon.

The crash happened on the on-ramp onto I-95 South from the eastbound Vine Street Expressway. The on-ramp to 95 South from I-676 East has been closed. No one was hurt.

KYW 1060 reports crews are attempting to right the tractor trailer now, but it’s still causing delays on I-95 in both directions, as well as backing up the Vine Street Expressway. Combined with the weather today, it’s going to be a messy commute for those heading in or out of Center City this evening.

Meanwhile, the weather has caused delays for many flights at the airport.

SEPTA is operating shuttle buses on part of Route 102, and has some small weather delays on trains.

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