Zooballoon Gets Third Life, Will Return in 2015

It's not going away! The Philadelphia Zoo has announced that the Zooballoon has been saved from the chopping block for the second time this year.


The Philadelphia Zoo announced on Wednesday the Zooballoon will be back in 2015. The Zoo said that after “complex insurance negotiations” they and Channel 6 have confirmed a new Zooballoon will be coming to the site next year.

This is actually the second time the Zooballoon has been saved this year. After 5 to 10 tons of snow accumulated on it this winter, the Zooballoon was never expected to fly again.

But thanks in part to the mayor, the Zooballoon returned for “one last year”, going up in early spring.

And now it’s coming back again! You couldn’t have designed a better marketing plan to make Philadelphians care about the Zooballoon. I imagine the Zooballoon becoming one of those furniture stores that advertise on UHF stations — it’s always going out of business. I want to celebrate the Zooballoon’s return every year.

The Zoo says a new balloon with a new design will be operational by spring of 2015. The Zoo also added on its Facebook page:

The current balloon will continue to fly until its November 23rd deflation, weather permitting, and will then be shipped back to Lindstrand Balloons USA in the United Kingdom, which has always been the intention, as there are only a few tethered helium balloons of this kind in the world.

You all know Lindstrand Balloons USA’s motto: “Proudly located in the United Kingdom!”

(Okay, Lindstrand’s main office is actually in Illinois.)

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