Philadelphia Man Accused of Beating Dogs With Bricks

Two dogs were left bloodied on a Tioga street in August. Charges were filed Tuesday against Willie Enoch, 56.

A Philadelphia man is accused of beating his neighbor’s dogs with bricks this summer, leaving them bloodied on a Tioga street.

Willie Enoch is facing two first-degree misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty for allegedly attacking his North Philadelphia neighbor’s dogs with bricks.

Cops brought the dogs to the Pennsylvania SPCA this August after their owner found them bloodied on the 3700 block of N. 19th Street in Tioga. Police eventually apprehended Enoch, 56, on “another matter” and detained him on the animal cruelty allegations. He was charged yesterday.

“Let’s beat him with bricks,” read a comment on the PSPCA’s Facebook page.