Kaboni Savage Soldier Gets 40 Years in Firebombing

Lamont Lewis pleaded guilty in 2011 to participating in a retaliatory firebombing that killed six people — including four children.

lo Lamont Lewis, a soldier of former drug kingpin Kaboni Savage, was sentenced to 40 years for his role in the firebombing of a house of a federal witness’ family. The firebombing of the house on North 6th Street killed six, including four children.

Savage ordered the firebombing from prison, and has been convicted of 12 murders he either committed or ordered. He was sentenced to death.

Lewis pleaded guilty in 2011 and testified against Savage and other co-conspirators. In 2004, Lewis and Robert Merritt drove to the house of family members of Eugene Coleman, who was cooperating with federal authorities. Lewis fired a warning shot into the air, then Merritt threw two full gas cans, one with a lit fuse, into the house.

Both Kidada Savage, Kaboni’s sister, and Merritt have been sentenced to life in prison for their role in the firebombing killings.

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