You Can Purchase Mike Schmidt’s Crown If You Have Enough Money

Mike Schmidt is selling memorabilia from his collection at auction. The best item is an actual crown won by Schmidt for leading baseball in homers in 1976.

From The Phillies Collector comes this exciting news: Mike Schmidt is auctioning off a bunch of memorabilia. Even more exciting: you can buy this crown Schmidt got in 1976 for winning the major league home run title with 38.

Currently, the crown has one bid of $25,000. Can you top that? If so: You, too, can live like a (home run) king!

There are 18 lots of Schmidt memorabilia in all currently up for auction.

Among the higher-profile items are his “Actual 1984 Gold Glove Award” (4 bids, highest is $13,000), the bat Schmidt used to hit his 400th homer (8 bids, $17,000) and his high school letterman sweater (no bids, $1,000 opening).

Also, there is an (auto-pen) signed letter from George H.W. Bush. No one has met the $1,000 opening bid yet. Somehow, I doubt that one will sell.

The rest of this stuff is great, though. Do you have lots of money and fancy yourself a king? Go buy that crown!

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