Mets Accidentally Give Out Truck With Phillies Logo

It may have been just one Phillies promo item accidentally handed out at a Mets game, but it doesn't matter. Still funny.

The Mets gave out a W.B. Mason toy truck over the weekend, because that’s the type of giveaway the company likes to sponsor. (The Phillies also had a toy truck giveaway sponsored by the company — a Northeast U.S. paper company, so essentially the real-life Dunder Mifflin.) But — whoops! — at least one Mets truck had the Phillies logo on it.

The Twitter user who posted it tweeted that all the trucks around him had the correct Mets logo, so this was an isolated incident. Still funny!

It’s good to know that, even in these rough times for the Phillies, there are still plenty of opportunities for fans to get laughs in at the Mets.

[Whiz Wit]