Philadelphia Zoning Board Approves New Topless Club

Cheerleaders' dancers will soon be able to take off their pasties. Yes, this actually required approval from Philadelphia's Zoning Board.

If you’re like most Philadelphians, you likely ponder every day the pressing issues of the city: Underfunded schools, a crumbling infrastructure and the fact that there aren’t enough completely topless strip clubs in town. Those first two are still going to take a while to deal with, but your prayers have been answered on that third one: Yesterday the Zoning Board of Adjustment approved Cheerleaders’ application to go completely topless. The club had been operating on an old zoning code that allowed for a “modified version of an adult cabaret.”

G-strings will have to remain on, the Inquirer’s Claudia Vargas reports, but the pasties Cheerleaders’ dancers currently wear can come off as soon as the club pays for a permit the Department of Licenses and Inspections sends it. Cheerleaders is at 2740 S. Front Street, near the Tony Luke’s and the South Philly Pizza Hut.

According to the Inquirer, Cheerleaders’ co-owners “congratulated one another after the zoning board meeting.” What a sight it must have been.