Northeast Philly Native Helped Rescue Man After Calif. Shark Attack

A former North Wildwood lifeguard from Northeast Philly helped rescue the California long-distance swimmer bitten by a shark.

A Northeast Philadelphia native was one of the rescuers of a man bit by a shark in California. A lifeguard for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Nick Macko was about 10 blocks away when he heard about a swimmer in trouble over his radio.

Macko then helped swimmers and other lifeguards give the injured long-distance swimmer, Steven Robles, medical assistance. Macko was a lifeguard in North Wildwood for nine summers starting in 1999.

“I’m not surprised Nick found his way to assist in some manner,” North Wildwood Beach Patrol Captain Bill Ciavarelli told CBS 3. “Nick had a very good work ethic. He’s out there in California representing us very well, we’re proud of that.” The dude is showing Californians the joy of North Wildwood and Northeast Philly! We should all be proud.

Robles, 50, told People he “was staring at this shark eyeball-to-eyeball with its teeth on the side of my rib cage.” He’s recovering at home — the bite was not as serious as it could have been.

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