Hot Philly Startup Curalate Gets $8.6M in Funding

Philadelphia-based tech start-up with 45 employees is announcing a second round of funding.

Curalate, a Philly-based tech start-up with 45 employees, got $8.6 million in funding. Re/code’s Jason Del Rey reports New Enterprise Associate (NEA) led the funding; it had previously invested in Curalate.

Curalate offers companies an easy-to-digest dashboard that shows what images users on social media are posting about their companies. This, per Del Rey, helps companies “decide what images to share through their social media accounts or to build contests around; how they should describe specific pieces of clothing on product pages; and even, in some cases, what products to feature on their e-commerce websites and in promotional emails.”

New customers pay up to $100,000 for Curalate’s services. The company also has offices in New York and Seattle.