Controversial Philly Nursing Home Remains Open Despite Complaints

Half of Pennsylvania's counties have sold their nursing homes. Philadelphia's isn't likely to close anytime soon.

The Daily News’ Will Bunch writes today of the untenable situation at the Philadelphia Nursing Home. The city-owned care facility is not solely for senior citizens — more than half of the residents are under 65. Many residents in the Philadelphia Nursing home are crime victims and homeless in need of serious medical care.

The home has been privately-managed since a series of scandals in the 1990s, but the complaints continue. Bunch chronicles a litany of them in the paper including:

  • Erratic meal times
  • The inability to leave
  • A persistent urine stench
  • “It was like being in a minijail”
  • Only two showers a week
  • No one emptying the litter boxes for the nine cats that roam the hallways

You get the idea. While many municipalities have sold their nursing home facilities — home care can be a better, cheaper option — this one won’t be closing anytime soon.

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