Carol Neulander Hit Man Len Jenoff Is Getting Out of Jail

He bludgeoned the rabbi's wife with a lead pipe.

In 1994, Len Jenoff bludgeoned Carol Neulander to death at her Cherry Hill home, which she shared with her husband, Rabbi Fred Neulander, who hired Jenoff to kill her. And according to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Jenoff, 68, will be released from prison on Friday, having served his mandatory minimum sentence: 10 years.

Neulander (above left), who has denied any involvement in the crime, was convicted at a second trial, after a first trial resulted in a hung jury. He was sentenced to 30 years to life, and in 2006, his appeal was denied. At 72, he will likely die in prison.

Meanwhile, Jenoff accomplice Paul Daniels (above right), is expected to be released in the coming months. The 39-year-old Daniels has a history of mental illness.

Some interesting notes about media coverage of the case: Jenoff first confessed his crime off-the-record to then-Inquirer reporter Nancy Phillips, who is now the paper’s controversial city editor and the longtime companion of newspaper owner Lew Katz. (Read the American Journalism Review‘s fascinating “The Reporter and the Hit Man”.)

And former Philadelphia magazine reporter Carol Saline, who covered the case for the magazine and Channel 10, got herself into trouble after she had a conversation with one of the jurors. Saline also came under fire because she had been a member of Neulander’s synagogue and had also known him personally.

Below, an episode of A&E’s City Confidential all about the Neulander case: