The City of Philadelphia Wants to Know What You Think of Comcast

An online survey asks about your experience with the cable giant.

Comcast may have enough money to buy this town twice over, but Philadelphia is still required by law to keep the cable giant in check. The city gets to decide if Comcast gets its cable TV franchise renewed. (Why, I wonder if it will!) And City Hall wants your help:

The City of Philadelphia (City) is responsible for monitoring and administering the local contract to provide cable television services in the Philadelphia area, commonly called, a cable television franchise. Comcast Cable is seeking renewal of that television franchise. As part of this process, the City is gathering information about community needs from local residents regarding cable television service, whether you subscribe to Comcast cable or not. Your input will help the City to determine franchise provisions that will meet your future cable television related needs and interests. Your individual responses will remain anonymous and will only be reported as part of a larger group.

You don’t have to subscribe to Comcast in order to fill out this survey. I just took it; it asks questions about service response time, cable TV uptime and whether or not you’re aware of local programming available on certain Comcast channels. (PhillyCAM on channel 966, for instance.) It also asks if you’d be willing to pay more to support local programming, and wonders what services you’d like to get from the city online.

Go take it! I’m sure the city will be delighted to read your rants.