Everybody Start Freaking Out: More Snow On the Way

So sayeth AccuWeather. But Bolaris isn't so sure.


Check out this graphic, which comes to us from the weather sages at AccuWeather.

From the AccuWeather forecast, posted Wednesday morning:

The clipper scheduled to take a track across the Ohio Valley Sunday night will reach the mid-Atlantic coast on Monday. The snowfall output from the storm could be similar to the storm from this past Tuesday.

This past Tuesday, meaning the mess that you’re digging yourself out of right now.

But wait…

I checked in with John Bolaris, who is traveling and hasn’t had a chance to see the latest data. He says that based on the information he reviewed last night, he didn’t see a major snowstorm.


Bolaris promises that he’ll update once he gets the, um, right models in front of him.

Meanwhile, super (weather) woman Cecily Tynan is not ruling out a “big snow storm” in the next week:


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